Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Fans of the REC series love each and every movie that's been released and with good cause. What could have been a simple zombie story has added touches of mystery that make you wonder just what causes these events and how far they might spread. The original film was a masterpiece of claustrophobia where a supposed virus may have infected those inside an apartment building whose inhabitants are forced to ride out the attacks of the night with no hope of escape.

The latest entry into this series takes a different approach. The film opens with a wedding and reception. Clara and Nina are a couple in love and both their families represent quite a large gathering. Included in this group is Nina's uncle. His uncle is a veterinarian whose hand is wrapped that day due to a dog bite. This simple bite will change the entire day.

The usual festivities go on and everyone is dancing and singing when they suddenly notice this uncle balancing on the balcony with a strange look on his face. He falls and the first person to respond he reaches up and bites, pulling away flesh and frothing at the mouth. From there things progress with the discovery that he's infected others there and those who are infected begin attacking those who are not. Soon blood sprays and bites become frequent, Clara and Nina become separated and each group they are with attempts to find a way to survive.

These zombies are not the standard slow moving sort but the run as fast as you can and grab anything moving kind. And each person who falls then gets up to join the carnage. With no hope of anyone coming to their rescue, Nina tells those in his group he refuses to leave until he finds Clara. He says they have a connection and he knows she's still alive. When her voice comes over the PA system his statement is proven true and he now heads out to find her.

The film offers something different from the previous entries. First off is the fact that while its contained in a huge reception hall and grounds, its no longer that enclosed feeling found in an apartment complex wrapped in plastic to contain the disease. The disease is loose on the world now. Secondly this one adds small touches of humor now and then to ease the fear you feel while watching. One character walks around in a foam knock off brand Spongebob outfit (he was there to entertain the children) with a shotgun in his hand. Nina dons a suit of armor found in the chapel to protect himself while searching for Clara. Touches like these shuffle the emotions felt while watching.

The film should keep gore hounds happy with the amount of blood that splatters and shoots across the screen. Limbs are severed, guts are yanked out and bites offer up plenty of chewed flesh that spurts plenty of fluid.

Some people have criticized the film for straying away from familiar territory. One criticism has been that the priest in the film stops the zombies from moving about by reading Biblical passages. Those who know the cause of this plague will understand, those who thought it was simply a virus will not. Suffice to say that it is possible in the world this story takes place in that that would help.

Another thing that upset some fans was the change of locale, the difference between the confined space and this spacious reception hall and grounds. But that only makes sense when you consider the subject at hand, the spread of a disease of sorts that will infect the world. Eventually you must leave that confined space and move on. REC 3 does just that, taking the disease outside of that small space and moving it forward. Should another sequel come up my guess is it will be spread even further, infecting an entire city rather than a small space. It's the natural progression of things.

If you like zombie films, you'll love this. If you like the REC films, you should love this. If you love horror movies or gore films this one should be right up your alley. If you enjoy none of the above be prepared for something different than you normally watch. A solid foreign horror film that hits all the right notes.

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