Tuesday, November 13, 2012


One of the many benefits of blu-ray movies is that studios, knowing these will be the most pristine versions of their films, make the effort to insure that they are of the highest quality when it comes to how they look. One studio that has done this in spades is Disney. Their blu-ray and Diamond Editions are well worth the cost. And now they're releasing one of the classics to the Diamond Edition fold, CINDERELLA.

Made in 1950, CINDERELLA became a Disney staple when it comes to fairy princesses. If you don't believe me check out their toy lines which have always included this character. It was also a return for Disney to the classic animated films he had been known for at the time. The artwork involved, the painstaking hand drawn detail and the beauty of the film are seen in every frame.

For those completely unaware the story revolves around a young girl named Cinderella whose widowed father marries to insure that his daughter will have a woman in the house to help raise her. In doing so she also finds two step sisters as well. Unfortunately her father passes away and the inheritance he left behind was squandered on the two step sisters. Cinderella has since become a handmaiden and work horse in the home she was raised in receiving nothing but grief from her hateful step-siblings and evil step-mother. Her only friends are the animals of the house: birds, mice and the loyal dog.

Word is sent out by the King that he intends to have a Ball to celebrate the Prince's return home. In truth, he's hoping the Prince will find a bride and marry. Everyone is invited and Cinderella even plans on going until her step-mother prevents her going. Fortunately her dreams carry the day and her Fairy Godmother steps in using magic to whip up a coach, coachmen, footman, carriage and a beautiful dress for her to wear. The only stipulation is that she returns home by midnight.

She meets the Prince, falls in love and at the stroke of midnight runs to return home. Smitten with her the only connection the Prince has is a glass slipper that fell from her foot as she ran away. With only that slipper it is now up to the Grand Duke to find the Prince's bride to be and for them all to live happily ever after. That is unless the evil step-mother prevents it from happening.

It's the classic fairy tale from days gone by given the Disney touch here. That means cute little animals that assist Cinderella in everything from cleaning to making her a gown to wear to the Ball. The birds even wake her in the morning before anyone can ruin her day yelling. All of them are as nice as can be and the mice are adorable with each one having their own particular characteristics.

What makes Disney films so spectacular and why they have lasted so long is that they stuck to a formula that worked and continued to do so while Walt Disney was alive. They took classic tales and just altered them enough to make them their own. They used amazing artistic abilities to bring to life on screen what was once just the written word. They combined sight and sound with the brightest and most colorful visuals and some of the best songwriting available at that time.

That was then and this is now though. What the studio has done with their use of blu-ray technology is offer the most fantastic looking version of the film that you will find. With each re-release of a Disney classic, they use the most current technology to bring forth the original vision offered when the film was released and in some cases make it even more colorful. There has never been a studio that has made animated films that can come close to rivaling Disney. It shows here.

For fans one of the best things about this release is that it's coming out just in time for Christmas. I know that I've routinely asked for their new releases each Christmas and this one would be no exception. The price is never outrageous and the costs will pay itself off with countless viewings between older fans and new ones discovering the magic for the first time.

The sentimentalist in each of us that grew up with these Disney films will be touched once again with a more current viewing. You'll marvel at the beauty of the film, you'll be touched by the story and you'll find yourself reliving memories of when you saw the film for the first time. This is a film you won't want to miss. One word of warning, like most Disney classics they only release them for a limited time period so don't hesitate, get it today.

Other Disney titles are making their way just in time for the holidays as well. Want to know which ones? Then make sure to check Digital Views.

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